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WHO is PortalTaxi.us?

PortalTaxi.us is a service provided by PWS | PortalTaxi.net Networks, a United States based company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Serving Customers Local, National and International. Our company aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: Internet Access, web hosting, domain registration,web publishing and quality customer support.

Jeffrey L. (Owner/Publisher)

This may answer some of your questions about our Adult Web Hosting.
Do I get Nameservers with my Account?:
Your domain, when you chose one, or if you already have it registered
needs to point to the following nameservers:
How long does it take to setup my account?:
We work with our customers on a one on one basis.  Meaning we don’t have some computer generate your account for us.  We are here to help you.  If your new to building your web site and have a question, ask!  Your account will be setup automatically within 24 hours of ordering, unless there is an issue with the signup, in this case we may contact you, this could also take up to 48 hours.
In most cases if you pay by Credit Card, you should expect to wait up to 24 hours for fruad checking due to the increase in fruad sign ups.
Do you allow adult sites?
Yes, we allow adult sites.
How long does it take for my DNS to resolve?
This can be as quick as 1 hour. We state between 24-48 hours for a domain to FULLY propagate.


Do you limit the amount of mails I can send per hour?
Yes, we do. The amount of mails sent per hour is limited to 100-300 (depending on your server) per user. We do this to minimize the impact of spammers who may sign up with us and get by our initial checks.

Once you’ve hit this limit, mail will bounce with the ‘unrouteable domain’ error in the bounce message. The only way around this error is to wait until the hour is up.

If this happens and you have a mailman mail list, please open a ticket, and make sure you include the # of contacts on the list.

Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?:

Yes you can upgrade at any time!
It is *free* to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to.
To upgrade your plan, send an email to support@portaltaxi.net and tell us your domain, current plan, and what you would like to upgrade too, also your prefered payment method.

*Meaning there is no extra cost to upgrade, exept the cost differance between plans, or the extra cost of the space or bandwidth you want to add, we do not charge extra for the upgrade process like some hosts do.

Do you do web site design?

Yes, send a request for info to support@portaltaxi.net

Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site?
Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.
Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?
NO, and there never will be!
Why was the order I placed marked as fraud?

We have about a dozen fraud signups a day from people using stolen credit cards. Every now and then, we mark someone who is good as fraud for one of many reasons. Here are a few possibilities…

1. Your IP may have been too far of a distance from the listed address upon order.
2. The phone number we called to confirm may have been incorrect or unanswered.

If you get an alert send us a email and we can correct it.
Where can I get help with understanding cPanel?
The official cPanel guide is located at: http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cp/
What control panel do you use?:
We use CPanel.
Can I personalize Cpanel for my own company name?:

Yes, you can. To accomplish this, you can use the Cpanel branding feature:

The Cpanel branding feature is very simple to use . Simply place an image called cp.gif, cp.jpg, or cp.png in the folder in your home directory called /cpanelbranding/theme. (full path to directory is /home/username/cpanelbranding/theme) Once you place an image there, it will replace the ‘cpanel’ image at the top of your users’ cpanel. That’s all there is to it.

The ‘theme’ is multiple themes, there is x, x2, bluelagoon, ect, you will need to put this file in each, or just the one you plan on letting your customers use.

Do you offer telnet or shell access?:

No, due to security reason’s we do not offer telnet or shell access. You are still able to unzip files on the server using our file manager as well as the ability to setup cron jobs. However all of our dedicated servers come with root access as well as ssh.

Can I password protect directories?

Yes you can password protect directory’s within CPanel.

Please see:
How do I password protect a directory? – under CPanel help


Are your server’s Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?
All our servers are either Linux Red Hat 9.0, Linux CentOS 4.1, or Linux Fedora Core i686, all being Unix machines. We no longer offer Windows hosting, due to exessive hacking on windows boxes.
Will you place ads on my site?
Absoulutly NOT! We will never place ads on anyones sites.
How do I start building my web site?
Go To PortalTaxi.us and login to your account.  You will be taken to CPanel control panel.  Look for the software and services area.  Click on RV site builder.
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A Pittsburgh Based Internet Service Provider, Website Host And Web Magazine Publisher! 
Serving Customers Local, National and International

Thinking about Changing Hosts?

How to switch hosts without having any down time:

Switching to a new host can be a very smooth process or it can be very complicated. Following our steps will ensure that your move is a painless one.

1. The first step is to find the new host you want to be with and join them. Make sure not to cancel with your old hosting provider, and do not tell them you will be canceling. For the time being you switching host needs to be kept a secret from them, or they could terminate your site early and cause downtime.

2. At this point you should have hosting accounts with two hosting providers the old and the new one. You will now upload your entire site from the old host to the new one. This can be done by connecting to their ftp and downloading all your files. Then connecting to the new hosts ftp and uploading all your files. *If you choose to make us your new host we will transfer your entire site over free of charge!

3. After you have all your files on both hosting accounts you will change your domain names dns. Your new host should have provided you with their domain name servers (dns). If they haven’t contact them to find out what dns you should use for your domain name.

Dns usually looks like this:

Once you know what dns to use on your domain name you will go to wherever you purchased the domain name from to make the changes. If you purchased your domain name from your host you usually will need to ask them to make the dns changes for you. You will tell them this…. “Hello my domain with you is ____ my username is ___ and my password _____ please change my domain names dns to ns1.thednsyoureceived.com and ns2.thednsyoureceived.com

4. Once your dns changes have been made you will need to wait two days before your site will load off the new host. During this two day period your dns is prorogating world wide, and your site will be bouncing from the old host to the new host every other minute randomly. Once the two days is up your site will only be loading off the new host.

5. 48 hours should have passed now since you have updated your dns. If it has you will now contact your host you were moving from and cancel your account with them.

If you completed all the above steps you have successfully switched hosts, with no downtime at all!

The Top Search Engines
* about 80% of search come from these.
We submit our sites to these search engines.  We suggest you do the same.



MSN Search 

Open Directory Project 

Other Web Submittion Tools:
More Submittion Areas:
The Promoter:
This is similar to Associate-it Free Submit, but it will submit multiple URLs to 800 search engines at one time. This works much like Associate-it Free Submit. It also notifies you when it’s time to resubmit your site. http://www.thepromoter.com/ 


Announce-it USA
free utility that submits multiple URLs to 300 search engines.  http://www.announceitamerica.com/The_Announce-O-Matic 
To generate keywords related to your site, Jim Tools keyword generator at http://www.jimtools.com is a good tool. 

Indexes & Catalogs (Major)

Submit to these critical directories manually so nothing is left to chance.

Lycos (directory) 
What’s New Too
Yellow Pages 

Robots (Smaller Search Engines)

A2Z Solutions
Final Search
Funky Cat
National Directory 

Search It
The Cozy Cabin
Web Search 2K
World Search Center


Indexes & Catalogs (General)

Discover it
Find It
Frequent Finders
Global Page
Hits Galore
ICN iExplorer
LifeStyle UK
NTT Directory
Starting Point
WebVenture Hotlist


Indexes & Catalogs (General Business Related)

AE Business Exchange
Business Seek
USA Online 

Gay Search Engines: